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TSXV Listing Process

Listing your company on a public marketplace is an important decision. Planning the application process should begin well in advance of the point in time in which you intend to list on TSXV.

An application to list on TSXV must be sponsored by a TSXV member firm, of which there are a number across Canada, each with expertise in the public venture capital marketplace.

Member sponsorship

Sponsoring members play an important role in the listing process and provide a broad perspective of the company's suitability for going public. You can find a current list of TSXV member firms by clicking here. 

The sponsor must consider whether your business meets Exchange guidelines regarding:

  • Directors and management expertise;

  • Integrity of financial information;

  • Minimum listing requirements; and

  • Suitability of your business for public listing.

The sponsoring member also helps determine the most appropriate way for a company to go public (e.g. an initial public offering, Capital Pool Company or a reverse takeover).

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