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Organizations Involved in Listing Chinese Companies in Canada and Their Responsibilities

The Chinese company, also known as the issuer, intending to get listed on the TSXV or CSE needs to hire the following four intermediaries:

-       Business consulting agency

-       Sponsor (agency/broker/investment bank)

-       Accounting firm

-       Law firm

Bizfield is familiar with both Chinese and Canadian culture and the rules for Canadian listings, and thus Bizfield is well positioned to assist Chinese companies in overcoming any language and cultural barriers. Furthermore, Bizfield acts as a coordinator of listing services to assist Chinese companies in connecting with other intermediaries to obtain better legal, auditing, and financing services.

Business consulting agency

A business consulting agency prepares the business plan and the development strategy for the issuer to increase both the potential of the business and attractiveness to investors.


Sponsor (agency/broker/investment bank)

The sponsor (agency/broker/investment bank) conducts a prudent review of the issuer’s application and disclosed materials. The sponsor also supervises the issuer’s operations, checks the professional opinions issued by other intermediaries, make professional judgments on whether the issuer has sustained profitability, determines whether statutory issuance requirements have been met, and ensures that the issuer’s application documents, prospectus, and other disclosed materials are true, accurate, complete, and timely. 

Accounting firm

An accounting firm assists companies in improving their financial management, accounting and internal control systems, as well as providing professional advice on financial and tax issues that arise during the process of restructuring and listing. Accounting firms also assist in declaration preparation, audit reporting, capital verification reporting, and much more.


Law firm

Law firms are responsible for assisting companies in designing listing structures, solving relevant legal issues in the listing process, assisting companies in preparing legal documents, issuing legal reports, and providing legal counsel.

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