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Documents for Listing Evaluation
1. Provide the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement for the past three years.
2. Indicate three important financial ratios
  1. Earnings per share: net income ÷ equity

  2. Return on equity: net income ÷ average shareholder’s equity ×100%

  3. Net asset per share: net asset ÷ number of equity shares

3. Show three important performance indicators:
  1. Main business income ratio: main business revenue ÷ total revenue

  2. Net income: revenue -tax

  3. Marginal tax rate: x%

  4. Revenue: operating profit + net investment income + nonbusiness income

4. Valuation of Corporate Assets

1. Tangible asset (including owned asset and leasing asset)

  • Real estate: date, valuation, area, location 

  • Warehouse: date, valuation, area, location, lease start date, rent

  • Product line: date, valuation, location, technology, etc.


2. Intangible asset


  • Trademark

  • Patent

  • Domain, website

  • Software copyright

  • Intellectual property (please provide proof if your company has)

  • Social media: Weibo, Wechat public account, facebook, etc.

4软件著作权 5知识产权(如果有需要证明) 6社交账号:微博、微信公众号、facebook等

5. Valuation of the Company

1. Shareholder structures

2. Board of directors’ structures (division of works, management, technology, and financing)

3. Any management shareholders prior to and after the listing?

4. Any employee stock ownership?


1. Company management structure

2. Introduction of management staff (education/experience/date of appointment/position/duties, and so)

3. Number of employees, education background, and age.

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