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BizField Service Process
Step 1. Sign the Contract and Develop a Listing Plan
  1. Sign confidential agreement;

  2. Clients will need to provide corporate information, including the detailed information of technicians, product overview, technological process, market analysis, operation analysis, corporate structure, background of managerial personnel, and financial statements, and so forth;

  3. Client needs to sign the contract and then pay the deposit;

  4. Consultants create the listing roadmap and the detailed listing plan.

Step 2. Purchase the shell company
  1. Purchase the shell company: fees will be based on quality of shell companies, around $500,000 to $2,000,000. Fees will be used to buy shares from original shareholders of the shell company.

  2. Board reorganization.

Step 3. Project Integration
  1. Create corporate development report and corporate development direction proposal.

  2. Professional financial staff will prepare IFRS-compliant financial reports.

  3. Guidance from lawyers, broker, accountants, and auditors.

  4. Collaborate with operating departments.

Step 4. Megers and Acquisitions
Capital injection and complete the following reports:
  1. Business plan

  2. Audit report

  3. Assessment report

  4. Sponsor report

  5. Members of the board director survey report

  6. Legal opinion

  7. Securities listing application

  8. Other reports

Step 5. Private Placement
  1. Issuance of shares via price placement.

  2. Collaborate with multiple departments.

Step 6: Shareholder’s Meeting and Trade Resumption​
  1. Once approved by the Exchange, the shareholder’s meeting will be held in 65 days.

  2. One week after the acquisition, the trading resumes and the company could issue additional shares to finance.

Step 7: Financing, Increase Share Capital, Additional Issuances
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