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"Road for Green Industry to Develop Abroad"

Bizfield, All-China Environment Federation South China Base, Foshan Environmental Protection Industry Association discussed green industry oversea development strategy

On May 18th, 2021, the management team of Bizfield from Canada was invited to attend China-Canada Environmental Protection Industry Seminar in Foshan, Guangzhou. The organizers, All-China Environment Federation South China Base and Foshan Environmental Protection Association, attended the meeting and discussed how to assist excellent Chinese environmental protection companies to develop abroad.


Photo of the Seminar Group

Lillian, the CEO of Canada Bizfield Accelerator Inc., made a presentation entitled “Opportunities for Chinese Companies Going to Canada” at the seminar. She introduced the status quo, technological advantages, and the international status of Canada’s clean technology and green environmental protection industry. She also gave detailed answers to issues concerning the support policies of the Canadian government and the fund towards the environmental protection industry, especially carbon neutrality.


Canada Bizfield CEO, Lillian Liu

The vice president of Bizfield, Lei Liu, also made a report on the demand of Canadian clean technology market and provided useful market intelligence for the seminar participants to understand the advantages and opportunities of entering Canadian market.

The secretary general of All-China Environment Federation South China Base Lang Jin, the secretary general of Guangdong Haiyi Environmental Protection Service Ltd Jin Cai, the president of Foshan Environmental Protection Association Yang Yu, and the deputy general manager of Foshan Yajieyuan Ltd Rongyu Mo, the general manager of Beijing Grasp Development Corporation Yaqi Zhao, the general manager of SZVZ Testing Technology Ltd. Xuefei Tian, and the partner of Eagles Fund Kai Jin attended the seminar.

In the meeting, participants showed strong interest towards Canada Cleantech market, especially the deputy general manager of Foshan Yajieyuan Ltd Rongyu Mo. She made detailed inquiries about the market of the Canadian medical water purification market, competing companies, and the bidding process adopted by hospitals.

Secretary-General of Guangdong Haiyi Environmental Protection Industry Service Co., Ltd Jin Cai, gave a detailed introduction to the status quo of more than 2,000 environmental protection companies in the South China Industrial Base and expressed his confidence in China's clean technology industry developing abroad.

Based on his personal experience and overseas investment experience, Kai Jin, a partner of Eagle Fund, deeply analyzed the benefits of developing companies in Canada for all entrepreneurs. President Jin believes that Canada is the best bridge for Chinese companies to go overseas. In addition to the Canadian market, they can also reach the European market via the natural cultural connection between Canada and the European market.

This conference not only gave Chinese environmental protection industry professionals and entrepreneurs a comprehensive understanding of the Canadian clean technology market, but also laid a foundation for enterprises to go overseas in the future. Ying Chu, CEO of Bizfield, said that Bizfield will provide more practical and feasible corporate services for Chinese companies to enter the Canadian market.

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