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TSX Venture Exchange Welcomes Agricultural AI Company SmartWell's Pre-Filing Submission for Listing Application

On April 20, 2023 at 1pm Pacific Time, the listing team of SmartWell Technology Ltd. held a pre-filing meeting with the TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV) at its Vancouver office. The TSXV requires issuers from emerging market countries to hold a pre-filing meeting before submitting a formal application for listing in order to provide an opportunity to canvass and address with the TSXV, issues relating to the SmartWell’s listing transaction filing.

(Right one: Joseph Van Sickle (TSXV Senior Listing Manager ); Right two: Andrew Creech (TSXV Managing Director); Left one: Lillian Liu (Listing Consultant); Left two: Andrea Yuan (Canadian CPA); Left three: David Toyoda (Listing Lawyer); Screen upper right: He Yang (Smartwell CEO); Screen lower right: Li Zhongyi (Smartwell CTO); Screen lower left: Tony Chan (Director of TMX CPC Inceptus))

SmartWell is a high-tech agricultural company focused on agricultural big data AI algorithms, with its main business being controlled environment agriculture (CEA). Through autonomous intellectual property AI algorithm models, the system has a highly competitive plant growth optimization algorithm that can improve crop yield and quality, reduce pesticide use, and save water and energy consumption. As indoor agriculture in North America is more mature and the market size is huge, the North American market is a market that SmartWell values greatly. Therefore, SmartWell intends to list on the TSXV.

The meeting was chaired by Andrew Creech and Joseph Van Sickle, responsible personnel of the TSXV in Vancouver.

The SmartWell listing team members who attended the meeting included CEO He Yang, CTO Li Zhongyi, listing lawyer David Toyoda, Canadian CPA Andrea Yuan, Canadian business consultant Lillian Liu (CEO of Bizfield Acceleator Inc.), and Tony Chan, director of the TSXV CPC Inceptus Capital Ltd. (ICI.P), who provided detailed answers to TSXV's inquiries.

Mr. Creech gave very constructive opinions on SmartWell's application and welcomed it to submit a formal application after adequate preparation.

Bizfield Accelerator(, as a professional business consulting company , provides consulting and advice on SmartWell's listing strategy on the TSX Venture Exchange, business model optimization, and North American product promotion strategy. As SmartWell's overall listing service provider, Bizfield links and manages listing lawyers, listing audit companies, Canadian accountants, brokers, shell companies, and the TSX Venture Exchange, to facilitate SmartWell's smooth listing!

The CEO of Bizfield, Lillian said, “If SmartWell successfully lists, it will bring new growth points to the TSXV, provide financing opportunities for more innovative enterprises, and promote technological innovation and economic development. We look forward to the good news once SmartWell is listed on the TSXV.”


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