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Bizfield was invited to participate the 15th China International Finance Forum

The 15th China International Finance Forum - Overseas Listing Summit was held in Shanghai on December 16, 2018. The theme of the summit was overseas IPO and top-level design of capital utilization in order to boost the growth of enterprises.

Chief Operating Officer of BizField, Canada, was invited to participate in the keynote speech "Overseas Listing - The Power of Canadian Capital Market”, introducing the Toronto Stock Exchange and analyzing the main reasons why Chinese companies should choose to go public in Canada.

Other participants of this summit include renowned economist Lisheng Liu, Alex Erskine - former chief economist of the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, Yiqun Cai - Chairman of the American Capital Co., Ltd., Gang Xu - Chairman and CEO of Xinxing Investment, Guangwu Jin - Chairman of Serafu International Finance (China) Group, Jiayu Yan - Chairman of Australia China Investment Fund, domestic and foreign private equity funds, investment banks, securities companies, owners of high-growth companies, experts and scholars, etc.

The importance of top-level design of capital utilization in overseas listings has been jointly discussed during the meetings.


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