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On December 10, 2018, Canada BIZFIELD, cooperated with China Entrepreneur League, host a one-day lecture :"China Company Listing In Canada Operation", for VIP CEO member of China Entrepreneur League The goal of lecture is ”how Chinese companies can leverage the power of the international capital market to promote their own financing capabilities“.


BIZFIELD is a professional business consulting firm based in Vancouver, Canada that specializes in helping Chinese entrepreneurs start-up, financing and listing in Canada. China Entrepreneur League is currently the largest O2O platform for entrepreneurs in China, with 160,000 entrepreneurs members. At the 2017 financing China Capital Annual Meeting, China Entrepreneur League was rated as “the most commercial value company in China”. China Entrepreneur League also acting as incubator and accelerator for enterprises to transformation and upgrading.


The Chief Operating Officer of Canada Bizfield, has given a detailed lecture to VIP CEO member of China Entrepreneur League, which cover the following four aspects:

  • the opportunities and challenges for Chinese companies from overseas listings;

  • a deep understanding of the Toronto Stock Exchange;

  • the specific requirements for Chinese companies listing in Toronto Stock Exchange;

  • The process of Chinese companies listing in Canada.



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