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Congratulation to the success of the strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony between CAPPSE (China) and Bizfield (Canada).

On Dec 6th, 2019, the strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony between China Association for Promotion of Private Sci-Tech Enterprises Digital Economy Branch (CAPPSE) and Bizfield (Canada) was successfully held in Beijing, China. Ms. Lin Yu, the executive president of Digital Economy Branch, and the COO of Bizfield , together witnessed this signing ceremony, as well as business partners coming from all over China.


During the ceremony, the Digital Economy Branch was granted the title of Venture Partner of Bizfield Canada in Digital Economy. This strategic cooperation will fully leverage the strength of both parties. On the one side, Chinese enterprises will be encouraged to explore new financing channels and accelerate the oversea development of high-quality projects with foreign capitals. On the other side, foreign capitals will be able to enter the Chinese market and have a finger in its fast growth. The signing of this strategic agreement also marked the maturity of the Chinese-Canadian start-up incubation system and the refinement of the oversea investment, financing and listing channels.


After the ceremony, BIZFIELD's COO gave a lecture on the topic Oversea Investment--North American Investment and Listing in Canadian Stock Market for all the guests. The lecture generally focused on three aspects, i.e. the comparison of North American angel investment and Chinese angel investment, the value of Canadian market to Chinese investors and the benefits Chinese small and medium enterprises can gain from Canadian stock exchanges. specifically analyzed the growing trend of North American Angel Investment and the multiple means for Chinese enterprises to be listed in Canada, which enlightened the audiences who were mainly entrepreneurs seeking capitals for their business expansion.



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