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Are you an entrepreneur with a global vision? Would you like to bring your innovative company to Canada? The Bizfield Global Incubator (BGI) Program can provide you with the support and training to enter the North American market.
Bizfield Global Incubator Program
Entrepreneurship Consulting


We provide consulting services for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial companies. We help our clients to create,
grow, expand their markets, build products, develop strategies, and access funding sources. Through our services,
entrepreneurial teams can minimize their risk and optimize the opportunities for success.

Our approach to entrepreneurial growth is in 4 distinct stages:


You have an entrepreneurial vision. We can help you develop your business idea, research the market, define target customers, determine strategies, create marketing plans and create a high potential business plan. Your entrepreneurial journey is ready to set sail.


Once you have a viable business blueprint, we help you register the
company, recruit additional personnel, refine the product strategy, and assist you to approach your first set of
customers for market validation. At this stage, your business will look like a flower ready to bloom.


Your products are selling, and you have market validation. You are hiring more people and looking for growth.
We will help you to expand your market share, create competitive strategies, build a 5-year plan, and develop a growth-oriented financial strategy. At this stage, your business is ready to scale and you are ready to accelerate.


Your business has grown and become a player in your industry. We will help you determine whether the time is right to go public and/or acquire a competitor. We will assess your company’s options for continued growth and potential to become a global leader.

Capital Markets Advisory
Taking Your Company Public
Bizfield Capital Markets Advisory, a division of Bizfield Accelerator, advises
high-potential Chinese companies on going public on the Canadian equity markets.
Focus on TSX & TSXV,  the following routes help companies raise capital in the Canadian public markets:
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The following guides are great references for companies on the TSX Going Public process:
Recent Events
Bizfield Innovation Contest
Bizfield Innovation Contest and 2021 “Set Sail for North America" international marker contest aim to build a platform for the cooperation between outstanding Chinese entrepreneurs and Canadian angel investment funds, as well as connections...
vantec LOGO copy.png
Start-up Visa Roadshow Preview
The VANTEC SUV Pitch Perfect Review Process aims to ensure that the investor's activities and those of the SUV applicant are aligned...

December 2, 2021 9:00am - 10:00am PST
vantec LOGO copy.png
VANTEC Meeting
Community partners are invited to announce their upcoming events to the investors in the room and subscribers to our newsletter.

December 1, 2021 3:30pm - 6:00pm PST
Recent News

Road for Green Industry to Develop Abroad

On May 18th, 2021, the foundersteam of Bizfield from Canada was invited to attend China-Canada Environmental Protection Industry Seminar in Foshan, Guangzhou. The organizers, All-China Base and ...


Bridge between Canada and China for entrepreneurs

On May 19, 2021, Canada Bizfield’s angel investment group met the founding team of “Lianjiehui”, a leading innovation and entrepreneurship service organization in South China, in Yangcheng Guangzhou...


Canada Hytrend

Successful Developing in Canada

Hytrend, English represents High trend, high trend. This is a healthy food and environmental technology research and development company located in Greater Vancouver, BC, Canada. It is led by...

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